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~For Overseas Companies ~About Our Business

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■About our business


We are a wholesale distributor of excellent products from overseas in Japan.


Let us help you promote your products in Japan.


Are you interested in the Japanese market?




■Please give me an exclusive sales contract for the Japanese market.


Please give me an exclusive contract for at least 6 months.


We will do a crowdfunding campaign in Japan to raise awareness and lead to wholesale sales.


If you like the way we work, please continue the contract.



■Crowdfunding achievements

※Due to the contractual relationship with the wholesaler, the product name is not disclosed.


2021-06-02 17-59-43.jpg

Accessories for smartphones


2021-06-02 18-01-11.jpg

Small Home Appliances


2021-06-02 17-57-15.jpg

Small Home Appliances


2021-01-24 14-09-12.jpg

Small Home Appliances


2021-01-24 14-07-12.jpg

Small Home Appliances


■Wholesale customers


More than 20 stores with large quantities

Our wholesale sales have reached over 100 million yen per month.


■Media Coverage


More than 30 media including TV, magazines, and newspapers




Business Partners


■What your company does

Sign an exclusive contract with us for the Japanese market

Wholesale products to us

We take care of all shipping and customer service in the Japanese market.



1.exclusive contract

2.Sample confirmation

3.Pre-purchase advertising & PR  About 1 month

4.crowdfunding About 30 days

5.Started wholesale sales permanently


■Do you have an excellent product that has not been released in Japan?

Let's do business together in the Japanese market.


■Please contact us

Tell us about the appeal of your product.

Thank you very much.